Understanding the ins and outs of loans and financing options is a chore! I strive to make the process easy. Meeting you at your work, home or welcoming you to my office where I have a children’s play area, which allows you to concentrate on your financing decisions easily. I’ll be there with you through every step of the process, helping and assisting where possible.

What makes my service really worthwhile is that I take the time to really listen and explore what my clients want and need. With years of business management accounting experience, my ability to pick out financial and economic influences as well as the benefits and consequences of relevant financing products adds value to my consultancy service.

Finally, it’s worth recognising that the sheer volume of loan products available today is wonderful because there is bound to be a product with a price point and features to match to your needs. Whether that be for a home, investment, vehicle or personal loan, my service looks beyond the big banks and explores the wider financing market to develop a product offering customised to your needs. My analytical nature really pays off for my clients as I enjoy comparing costs of different scenarios. Understanding financial jargon, sifting through and digesting mountains of information is exactly what I am good at. So let me help you realise the possibilities.